Deep Investigation of Neutral Gas Origins

Position available: ASTRO 3D Research Scientist in HI Surveys

This ASTRO 3D research position will be based at ICRAR/UWA and will focus on the DINGO HI survey ( As a member of the DINGO team, the researcher will carry out deep spectral line integrations with the ASKAP telescope to understand the role HI has played in galaxy evolution over the past 4 billion years.  This project is closely aligned with the GAMA survey (and in future WAVES), enabling a wide range of spectroscopic and multiwavelength analyses.  The researcher will work with DINGO principal investigator, Dr Martin Meyer, and other members of the DINGO, ICRAR, and ASTRO 3D teams to processes data, and carry out early science, from this ground-breaking survey.
Closing Oct 23.